Modern Digital Photo Retouching is very powerful. It's progress over several decades has developed lots of styles and techniques that can bring dramatic changes to any photograph. Industry standards   as well as the retouching methods are constantly evolving and today the look of the final images mainly depends on the personal preferences and the creative vision, because almost any change to the initial photograph is possible.


Getting the desired result is mainly the question of the correct and clear assignment, because every retouching project is different and includes use of number of techniques. Some of them are very time consuming and greatly affect the quality of the image and the price. The list below can give you better understanding of what is usually done in digital photo retouching.


Most common retouching processes:

Initial corrections: lens distortion, overexposed areas and camera color profile.

Removal of: digital and color artifacts, dirt, stray hair and skin blemishes.

Evening skin-tone and background color.

Light and shade correction.

Enhancing object's volume and scene definition.

Make up, eyebrows and eyelashes retouching.

Making cloth, hair and body neat (correcting not aesthetics folds, curves etc.).

Color correction, toning and grading.

Dodge'n'burn, special effects and finishing.


Before/after examples found in the Gallery section will show you what exactly retouching does to the photographs and will give you the taste of what is really possible in digital world.


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If you want to know the rates for your particular project, then you can send me a couple of examples of the source photos and also a couple of retouched images that you like. (e.g. reference images of the retouching style you want for your photos). Knowing your requirements for retouching I will be able to estimate the amount of work, and will give you an accurate price.


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