In the below application prices currency is USD. Calculation results shouldn't be taken as granted, because this application can't take into account all the details of any particular retouching project.

In order to get an accurate price, please consider sending a request using contact information.

Payoneer and Western Union payments are accepted. You can make transfer via one of these systems to pay for my services. If you want to make payment for project, please request payment details using contact information here.


Information about  Privacy, Refund and other policies that apply to Digital Photo Retouching Services I provide, are disclosed on this page.

Local Bank Transfer payments are available in USA, UK, Europe, Japan and China. Transfer currencies are USD, GBP, EUR, JPY and CNH, respectively.


International Bank Wire Transfer payments are available via international S.W.I.F.T. transfers.


To obtain corresponding account details, please send a request using contact information on this page, and please don't forget to mention your payment method of choice


In case of any services or payment issues, please contact support.

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